Our Risk Reduction service applies out globally acquired skills to the reduction, and in some case, eliminate risks from our clients operations. Our research revealed that NPT in the Niger Delta is averaging 30% of well time.  This means a well time of 60 days contains a non-productive time of 20 days. This is equivalent to $4 million value leak for a swamp well. We have expertise to reduce, or eliminate this risk, and reclaim the associated value.  Our expertise is in the following area:

  • Wellbore Stability
  • Rig Equipment Assurance
  • Critical Operations Audit
  • Well Design Reviews


Case Study:

Elimination of Wellbore Instability



Our wellbore stability techniques have been well tested in the Nigeria Delta, and demonstrate complete elimination of wellbore instability. Project #1 was a 35 well project, and was completed in record time without a single failure, applying our technique. On Project #2, 15 previous wells were drilled with massive hole collapse experienced on each well and leading to unplanned sidetracks.  A study by a renowned geomechanics consultancy prescribed the same conditions that had failed previously.  Application of our modelling solution designed the operating condition that completely eliminated wellbore instability on the next wells in the field. On Project #3, seven previous wells had all experienced failures, though they were all vertical.  Our technique was applied and our recommendations resulted in all subsequent, highly complex wells, being drilled without a single failure.


Our wellbore stability solutions represent a “quick win” for our clients, and have saved millions of dollars.