Well Cost Improvement Catalysts:

We are passionate about significantly reducing well costs for both new drills and workovers. The core of our unique technique involves helping our clients to identify the performance potential, what we call “the Promised Land” of their teams, and identifying implementable actions, to pursue the ultimate.

This, not only motivates the team to realise huge cost savings, ensures that individuals are self motivated. This service involves:

>> Offset research and analytics, to identify what is possible.
>> Wellsite Coaching & Support to work with the team to achieve team goals.
>> Workshop facilitating to share objectives, discuss results and identify learnings to carry forward.
>> Well delivery process facilitating, to harness the expertise of the team and external help, to challenge the well plans, understand the engineering behind the well and clarify challenges.

Well Operations Risk Elimination:

Our Risk Reduction service applies out globally acquired skills to the reduction, and in some case, eliminate risks from our clients operations.

Our research revealed that NPT in the Niger Delta is averaging 30% of well time. This means a well time of 60 days contains a non-productive time of 20 days. This is equivalent to $4 million value leak for a swamp well. We have expertise to reduce, or eliminate this risk, and reclaim the associated value. Our expertise is in the following area:

>> Wellbore Stability
>> Rig Equipment Assurance
>> Critical Operations Audit
>> Well Design Reviews

Strategic Expertise & Technical Consulting:

We have the tools and expertise to optimise our clients data repository, or solve special identified challenges in clients operations.

We are also able to leverage our wide international network of expertise to proffer solutions to challenges in such areas as:

>> Research & Data Analytics
>> Operation Strategy Advice
>> Contracting Support
>> Process Audits
>> Special Studies

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