We are a team of highly experienced, forward-thinking well engineers with broad international exposures under the leadership of our principal founder Hope Okwa.

Our directors and staff have expertise in well design and operations, supply chain management, Data analytics and organisational change, and are brought together by a passion to raise the standard of well engineering practice in Nigeria.  We have track records of value creation in well delivery while working for operating companies around the world, from the largest, such as Saudi Aramco, Shell, BP, as well as the smaller operators such as Amni Petroleum, Monipulo, Elcrest, Excel E & P, etc.


Hd Okwa Drilling Services Ltd was borne out of a desire to help operating companies in the Niger Delta plug the value leak in well operations.  A recent study revealed value leaks of up to 60% in drilling and workover operations in the Niger Delta. These value leaks result from the peculiar challenges of the environment – cultural issues, difficult logistics, dearth of technical expertise, etc – create:

  1. High NPT & ILT, averaging more than 30% or well time.
  2. Repetitive failures from wellbore instability, rig & service company equipment integrity, well control, operational failures, etc.
  3. Lack of genuine value creation especially through new technology.

Profile of Our Principal Founder

Hope Okwa B.Eng, MSc, P.Eng

Mr Hope Okwa, P.Eng, is a well engineer with nearly three decades of experience spanning every continent and terrain, and hundreds of wells practical experience. Mr Okwa has worked for the largest operators such as Shell, BP, Saudi Aramco; medium operators such as Sinopec Addax; as well as smaller operators such as Excel E & P, Amni Petroleum & Elland Oil & gas. His passion for drilling performance improvement is well documented in various SPE papers and characterised by huge savings for international companies.

Examples are:

  1. Completing a five year project in just two years by implementing 20 value creating initiatives, saving over 60% of project budget and recognised by Shell directors for this achievement. (SPE 79860)
  2. Cutting exploration drilling cost by 50% when using a cheap workover rig to successfully drill the well instead of an expensive rig. (SPE 97449)
  3. Reducing sidetrack campaign costs by preparing the candidate wells for sidetrack with a cheap hydraulic workover unit saving 30% of project cost.
  4. Eliminating liner milling in Saudi Aramco deep gas re-entry and workover operations, thereby saving estimated 200 rig days per year for over 2 years, re-using many wells previously earmarked for abandonment, for which he was recognised by Saudi Aramco Management. (SPE 139855 & 182816)

Mr Okwa holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the university of Benin, Nigeria and a Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering from Heriot-Watt University. He is a registered engineer in Canada, a member of the Society of petroleum engineers and a renowned mentor for both the SPE & Apega (Canada).



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