We are passionate about significantly reducing well costs for both new drills and workovers.  The core of our unique technique involves helping our clients to identify the performance potential, what we call “the Promised Land” of their teams, and identifying implementable actions, to pursue the ultimate.  This, not only motivates the team to realise huge cost savings, ensures that individuals are self motivated. This service involves:

  • Offset research and analytics, to identify what is possible.
  • Wellsite Coaching & Support to work with the team to achieve team goals.
  • Workshop facilitating to share objectives, discuss results and identify learnings to carry forward.
  • Well delivery process facilitating, to harness the expertise of the team and external help, to challenge the well plans, understand the engineering behind the well and clarify challenges.


Case Study:

$6 million saved for a Client



Application of this technique on a client project identified the promised land as 35 days for the wells being drilled, against 74 days current well time.  This represent an opportunity of over 50%. Further work with the team, improved well times to 57 days, including 12 days of top drive failure. Discount this failure brought the team performance to 45 days, representing 29 days savings or $5.8 million per well!